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Thank you for your interest in Parker Cattle Company. We are proud to offer our customers some of the best genetics available that will improve any herd. Please call us at 903-926-7777 if you have any questions.
  Lil Wayne

Sire: Polar Ice
Dam: Habanero
Date of birth: September 2010
BW: 70
SEMEN: $25/unit
TH and PHA Free

• Definite calving ease and more.
• Reds, silvers, smokes, blue roans, and the colors go on.
• Super sound, extra hairy, with style to boot.
• Flush quality semen available.
  Lil Wayne X Polar Ice/Canadian Maine
Sold for $9,500 in 2015 Cream of the Crop Sale
  Lil Wayne X Jazzman/Torque
Sold for $13,000 in 2015 Cream of the Crop Sale

  Polar Bear

Sire: Lil Wayne (Polar Ice x Habanero)
Dam: Polar Ice x 505 (Hairy Bear x OCC Anchor)
Date of birth: February 2015
BW: 68
SEMEN: $35/unit
TH and PHA Free

This double bred Polar Ice is great looking, sound and really stout.  On top of that, he arrived with a 68 lb. birth weight.  He has been used on several fall calving heifers and we look forward to the same calving ease as his sire, Lil Wayne.

Owned with Melinda Olson


  Polar Ice

Sire: George
Dam: Hoo Doo Ranch Phylli
BReed: Charolais
Semen: Ask for current semen price.

High selling bull in Black Hereford Ranch's Cream of the Crop 2009 Fall Bull Sale. Polar Ice is a maternal sib to Yellow Jacket and sired by the straight HooDoo bred, George bull. He is built right, super long necked, big topped and heavy boned. Polar Ice is extra cool, and we are very excited to about this stout, frame five purebred Charolais bull and the impact he can have on the club calf market. Polar Ice is owned with Kris Black, Ricky Gray and Junior Steltzer.  

  Movin' Ahead 33

Sire: Made Right
Dam: Tank x 9608
Date of birth: September 2013
SEMEN: $35/unit
TH and PHA Free

Movin' Ahead is an ET-produced Made Right son that is extra stout and good enough to use on Charolais and/or black cattle.  He is wide made, deep and great hipped.  His dam is an outstanding Tank daughter.  In his first calf crop, with limited use, he produced a $25,000 steer, several high selling bred heifers and several potential herd sires. Many of these herd sire prospects will be selling in Kris Black's 2017 Cream of the Crop annual bull sale. 


Sire: George
Dam: HooDoo
BReed: Charolais
Semen: $25/unit

Subzero is also a very moderate, stout , huge boned, square hipped purebred Charolais bull. He is super correct and big ribbed.  Plenty of style and balance. Subzero is owned with Kris Black and Ricky Gray. Subzero is a purebred Charolais bull sired by Kris Black's George bull and an exceptional purebred HooDoo cow.

The maternal value of this George son is becoming evident with several high selling bred females in recent Cream of the Crop sales.  This maternal production has not just started...but is just now being recognized.  Build your maternal base once again with these proven genetics.  If you want'em soggy, stout and still maintain feminity...use Subzero. 


Sire: BK Power Plus
Dam: Jazz x Hairietta (Who Made Who)
SEMEN: $25/unit
BReed: 3/4 Maine-Anjou

Torque was the high selling bull at Kris Black’s 2006 Cream of the Crop Fall Bull Sale. Torque is a big footed, structurally correct bull that stamps his calves with an extra square hip and super hind leg. The Torque calves are extra hairy and have a great look. Sons sold from $2500 to $29,500 in 2008 steer sales. Torque sired the Champion Chi 2009 steer at Houston. Torque is owned with Kris Black and Ricky Gray.

  Shake'm Off

Sire: Mossy Oak
Dam: OCC Broadside Son x Black Max Daughter
SEMEN: $25 /unit

Shake’m Off is a product of the breeding program at Parker Cattle Company. He is a thick, smooth and super functional black baldy calving ease specialist. We have sold bulls, steers and females out of this all-around herd sire. He works extremely well back on Sim/Angus and Charolais influenced cattle. He also works well on club calf type cattle such as Heat Wave and Who Made Who daughters. Shake’m Off sired the Reserve Champion Simmental Steer at the 2007 Fall Classic. He also sired a $10,000 steer out of a Charolais cross female for Hank Kotzur, Pleasanton, Texas. Both of these steers were out of 1st calf heifers. Shake’m Off is owned with Hank Kotzur.


Now Available For Sale!
Dam: Outer Limits/Hereford
Date of birth: December 2013
BW: 72
SEMEN: $25/unit
TH and PHA Free

Dam of Gojo has produced:
• $10,000 steer sired by Carpe Diem as her first calf.
• 3 ET heifers sired by True Grit, sold for $10,000, $8,000, and $6,000 in the 2015 Cream ofteh Crop Sale
• And more to come.

Thank you for your interest in Parker Cattle Company. if you need any additional information please call us at 903-926-7777. We love to hear from our customers, and we are ready to help in any way we can.
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